BBWChatHeaven was inspired by a group of individuals who share a deep appreciation for curvy women. We realized the need for a platform where BBWs and their admirers could connect without the risk of encountering spammers or scammers. Driven by passion, we created BBWChatHeaven to fulfill this need. Our mission is to provide a safe, authentic, and inclusive space where genuine connections and relationships can flourish.

Our team

Mark Sanders


Mark is the technical mastermind behind BBWChatHeaven. As the CTO, he is responsible for maintaining the platform's technical infrastructure, implementing new features, and ensuring a seamless user experience for all members.

Emily Davis

Community Manager

Emily is the go-to person for all things related to the BBWChatHeaven community. She manages chat rooms, monitors member interactions, and assists users in navigating the platform. Emily also works closely with the support team to address any concerns or issues that arise.

James Wilson 

Marketing Manager

James is responsible for promoting BBWChatHeaven and expanding its reach to potential members worldwide. He works on developing marketing strategies, managing social media accounts, and creating engaging content to showcase the platform's unique features.

Aaron Lee

Social Media Coordinator

Aaron manages BBWChatHeaven's social media presence, connecting with members and potential users on various platforms. He shares updates, engaging content, and helps address any questions or concerns raised through social media channels.

Nicole Miller

Outreach Coordinator

Nicole is responsible for fostering partnerships and collaborations with other organizations, influencers, and communities within the BBW and body positivity space. She works to expand BBWChatHeaven's network and enhance its visibility within the community.

Why Choose BBWChatHeaven

Our platform is specifically tailored to cater to the needs of the BBW community and those who love them. We prioritize safety and authenticity, allowing our members to focus on building real connections and relationships. By choosing BBWChatHeaven, you are joining a community that truly understands and values your preferences.

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